Thursday, July 30, 2009


Anchor / Assistant Producer

Location: Anywhere
State: None

Salary: $18.75/hour

Application deadline: Friday, July 31, 2009

This is a full-time position.



Free Speech Radio News is hiring a new Anchor / Assistant Producer. We are looking for someone who has a great voice with recent radio experience, who has strong journalism & radio production skills, and who enjoys working in a collective setting. Applicant must have access to audio recording & editing equipment, a broadcast quality microphone, a telephone hybrid, and be able to produce and upload broadcast quality audio.

POSITION HOURS: 8 Hours/day, Monday - Friday, approximately 9am-5pm U.S. Eastern time

DEADLINE TO APPLY: To ensure consideration, all application materials must be received by July 31, 2009.

PAY: $18.75/ hr

LOCATION: FSRN’s production staff is highly decentralized. With the necessary broadcast-quality equipment, the anchor could work from anywhere in the world. We prefer that s/he would have access to a radio station, but working from a professional home studio is also a possibility.


* Edits, updates, and voices reporter intros to news segments
* Writes and voices newscast's opening billboard
* Uploads anchor-produced program segments and voice tracks to FSRN Tech Team by 3:30pm U.S. Eastern time
* In collaboration with the FSRN editorial staff, produces two news segments per newscast (two-way interview, cut & copy, or other), including research, recording & conducting interviews, writing copy, checking facts, and editing audio for air
* Maintains communication with the FSRN Producer throughout the work day
* Copy edits all news segment intros for FSRN website
* Responds to reporter pitches posted to the FSRN production wiki
* Pitches during fund drives for stations that carry FSRN (live or recorded); records occasional other promos for FSRN and its affiliate stations
* Participates in the morning editorial calls, biweekly staff meetings, and other duties as necessary

Women, people of color, LGBTQ, differently-abled, and member of other underrepresented groups are encouraged to apply

Free Speech Radio News ( is a half-hour, national and international newscast that is broadcast Monday - Friday on approximately 100 community, public, and internet radio stations across the United States. Free Speech Radio News reports national and international news as it affects real people and communities. We have more than 200 reporters around the U.S. and globe, most of whom live in and report from their communities. FSRN is a worker-run collective. Our daily production team is small and the anchor is a critical member of that team both editorially and in daily production.

Experience required:


* High journalistic standards
* Excellent broadcast writing skills, interviewing skills, hosting skills, and audio editing & production skills
* Works quickly, accurately, and maintains composure under deadline pressure
* Experience with daily deadlines (one year or more)
* Reporting experience (one year or more)
* Access to broadcast quality recording and telephonic equipment
* Access to reliable high speed internet


* Experience working in collective decision-making environments
* Experience working with little direct on-site supervision
* Good communication skills in telecommute environment
* Proficient in another language in addition to English
* If based internationally, thoroughly understands U.S. news & issues; if U.S.-based, takes a strong interest in international news & issues

How to apply:

To apply, email and submit all of the following to be considered:
1) Cover letter & resume
2) An audio sample of your reading (1-3 minutes long)
3) An audio sample of your production work, either a two-way interview, feature story, or cut-and-copy/anchor wrap (2-4 minutes long)

Web site:
Phone: 608-554-0225

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Modified: July 10, 2009, 8:46 pm

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