Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pocket Change - Organized Wisdom

As a guide for Organized Wisdom, you can write "Wisdom Cards" about various health topics, which are then reviewed by a Physician. Pay ranges from 2-4$ per Wisdom Card.

From their site:

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What is OrganizedWisdom?
Guide and Physician Reviewer Program

Our mission at OrganizedWisdom Health is to provide the best search service in the world for health by hand-crafting search results good enough for physicians to recommend to their patients, and for you to recommend to your family and friends.

Interested in Helping? Become an OrganizedWisdom Guide or a Physician Reviewer

We've got a big mission and we need your help. That's why we pay Part-Time Guides and Physician Reviewers to organize the world's health information and guide people to the very best online resources, advice, tools and wisdom on thousands of health topics.

About the Guide Program

Are you great at searching the Web for information? We're looking for web researchers, bloggers, patient advocates, nurses, caregivers, students, physicians, librarians, people from health foundations, and health backgrounds who want to help guide people to safe, credible and useful health information. Any U.S. citizen or permanent resident can apply to become a Guide.

About the Physician Reviewer Program

We're building a world-class team of leading physicians to lend their expertise and experience to review and approve WisdomCards.

If you are a physician willing to get involved and become part of an incredible movement that will shape online health information, then we hope you will join our team.

Benefits of being a Guide include:

* * Get paid $2 or $4 for each WisdomCard we approve (based on the work involved). We will pay by direct deposit on the 15th of each month after your account balance reaches $200.
* * Work at your own pace from anywhere.
* * Become an early contributor to a movement that will change and improve the standards for online health information.
* * Help others by guiding them to safe, credible and useful health information.

Benefits of being a Physician Reviewer include:

* * Get paid for each WisdomCard we approve.
* * Build your Web presence with valuable exposure and publishing credits for your WisdomCards with links to your bio and Web sites.
* * Become an early contributor to a movement that will change and improve the standards for online health information.
* * Get your own branded version of OrganizedWisdom to offer your patients as a free service.
* * Focus on your area of expertise and specialty and contribute at your own pace.

Click Here to Become a Guide or Physician Reviewer Today

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