Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Spanish Speaking "Quit Coach"

Spanish-skilled Quit Coach

Department: Service Delivery
Date Posted: 8/17/2009

We are seeking Spanish-skilled Quit Coaches to join our team!

Quit Coaches provide participant-focused behavior change services via the telephone to support participants’ process to quit tobacco use while meeting established performance expectations. The Quit Coach must attend weekly staff meetings, monthly training, and feedback/coaching sessions, apply learning from coaching and training into interventions with participants, and comply with attendance, punctuality and all other behavior expectations and company policies.

The Quit Coach position is a work-from-home position.
Key Responsibilities:

1. Complete participant-focused interventions, using Free & Clear-established strategies and protocols, to move participants along the change continuum to quit tobacco.
2. Use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Brief intervention model, and an understanding of tobacco and nicotine and the triangle of addiction to: set expectations, assess readiness to change, resolve ambivalence, identify barriers/triggers and problem-solve, create an action plan, provide pharmocotherapy support, and identify support and resources.
3. Utilize databse to: access intervention assignments and participant contact info, determine service eligibility, determine progress since last call, document intervention, and schedule next intervention.
4. Utilize the phone system to: make outbound intervention calls, log work hours, communicate availability to receive inbound intervention calls.
5. Appropriately escalate difficult or problematic cases.

Required Skills, Experience, & Qualifications:

* Must be fluent in both English and Spanish
* Bachelor’s degree and/or equivalent work experience in behavior change service, counseling, chemical dependency or health education required. Bachelor’s degree in related field preferred.
* Demonstrated high-level communication and active listening skills: ability to effectively problem-solve and work with a wide variety of people.
* Participant/Customer focus: Excellent customer service and telephone skills.
* Ability to work in a productive environment that requires all work to be completed on the telephone.
* Proficient computer skills, including basic MS office skills: comfortable navigating database screens.
* Self-direction and initiative to achieve team and individual goals; skilled as an individual contributor and team member, desire to contribute to the overall success of the team and the clients served.
* Demonstrated ability to learn and to adhere to a wide range of strategies and protocols.
* Demonstrated ability to attend to detail and follow through on tasks.
* Demonstrated ability to remember and accurately retrieve information in order to assist customers.
* Demonstrated dependability, flexibility and professional demeanor.
* Previous success in customer focused role demanding high-level communication and active listening skills.
* Previous use of Motivational Interviewing and other brief intervention models strongly preferred.
* Previous experience providing interventions in health behavior change program strongly preferred.
* Must be abstinent from tobacco and nicotine for two or more years.

To apply, please send your resume to:

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