Thursday, August 6, 2009

Work foe virtual vocations

Work for VirtualVocations

Thank you for your interest in working for VirtualVocations! We have several positions that open up on a monthly basis. Our hiring process is a three part process as follows:

1. Fill out our application for the position(s) you are interested in.

2. If your application is received before the 15th of the month, you will be considered for a position for the upcoming month. If it is received after the 15th, it will be considered for the following month.

3. You will receive an email by the 15th of the month if we are interested in offering you a position for the upcoming month. Otherwise you will receive an acknowledgment email by the end of the month.

Please Note* We will keep your application on file for 3 months after you have applied.

Open Positions: (All positions are filled on a monthly contract basis)

Home Based Writer (2 open positions per month)

Writer is needed with solid experience in the work at home community, or VERY strong research skills. Preferably someone who has a personal interest in telecommuting topics. Must have professional writing experience, or other samples that demonstrate skill level.


-Must commit to researching and writing a minimum of 4 articles within a one month period. Each article ranging from 350-500 words. Some topics will be supplied, some you will need to come up with.

-Must have your own computer, High Speed Internet and email for communication.

-Must be willing to provide at least 2 revisions if necessary.

-Must be willing to sign an independent contractor agreement.

Payment: Compensation is on a per word basis at .15 per word.

Apply Now: VirtualVocations Employment Application

Work at Home Forum Poster (4-8 open positions per month)

Forum posters needed to add to our current discussions going on in the VirtualVocations’ forum area. Individuals would be expected to join our community conversation on a daily basis, providing useful tips on working from home as well as helping to keep general conversations moving.


-Must have your own computer with High Speed Internet and email

-Must have good grammar and spelling skills

-Must be able to contribute to work at home subjects in an intelligent manner

-Must be willing to post to the forum at least once a day Monday-Friday for a month long total of 50 posts minimum.

Payment: Compensation is given at .50 per post. This does not include posts that are ‘agreeable posts’, such as, “I agree!” “Me too!”, etc.

Apply Now: VirtualVocations Employment Application


Telecommute Email/Marketing Assistant (1 open position per month)

VirtualVocations is in need of individuals who would be interested in emailing potential partners and advertisers. We are seeking individuals who are able to send emails to related work at home sites to promote our advertising system, as well as to request link exchanges. All copy would be provided to be sent in the emails.


-Must have your own computer with High Speed Internet connection and email capability

-Must be able to email at least 100 sites/companies per month.

-Must be able to research related sites and locate their email information to send email to.

-Must have Excel and know how to use it well enough to keep a spreadsheet of company name, url and email contact.

Payment: Compensation would be .50 per email sent, with a $5.00 bonus for every advertiser account that is setup by the end of your month working.

Apply Now: VirtualVocations Employment Application

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