Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kidzola Consultant

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From their website:

Become a Kidzola Consultant
A Great Way To Work From Home

As a Kidzola Consultant, you can make money operating your own online consignment business from home. You set your own schedule and determine when you are able to meet with sellers and buyers. Kidzola will provide the training and documents that you need to run your business. Your success will depend on your marketing efforts. As a Consultant, you will be expected to find clients, post quality ad listings with pictures, correspond with buyers, keep accurate records and promote the Kidzola website. There are no sign-up fees to become a Kidzola Consultant.
Consultant Requirements

As a Kidzola Consultant you must:

* Be a member of (registration is free).
* Have access to a computer and digital camera.
* Be knowledgeable about resale prices for children's items.
* Attend a one-hour training meeting and monthly team meetings (all are held online).
* Meet monthly performance goals to post client ads online and complete sales transactions.
* Be well-organized with your records and inventory. You should have a designated place in your home where you keep all items for sale clean and neat.
* Represent Kidzola in a positive manner to sellers and buyers. You must be prompt, courteous and honest in all of your interactions.

How Much Money Can I Make?

As a Kidzola Consultant, you will earn $35 for every $100 you sell on The more jobs you accept, the more money you will make. The following shows a breakdown of the money from all consultant sales:

* 60% Seller (the owner of the items for sale)
* 35% Consultant
* 5%

Kidzola Consultants collect the money from all of their sales throughout the month. At the end of each month, Consultants total their sales and send payment for 60% to each seller and 5% to Kidzola uses money from the 5% payment to cover the cost of Consultant materials and to advertise the Kidzola Consultant program, bringing more customers to our Consultants.
Getting Started

To welcome you and help you start your Consultant business, Kidzola will provide you with:

* A one-hour online training meeting to show you how to run a successful Consultant business.
* $20 in Kidzola credits that you can use to give your ads higher visibility.
* An announcement e-mail that you can share with your friends to help you promote your business.
* Access to Kidzola promotional materials that you can distribute in your community.
* An inventory statement and agreement to use in your transactions with sellers. This document protects both you and the seller and spells out the terms of your agreement.

We will also give you the opportunity to earn:

* Kidzola merchandise to support your business (like business cards, etc.).
* Monthly volume incentives for top producers.

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