Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Customer Service Representative

AboutAirportParking.com is a rapidly growing website that is looking to hire its first customer service representative. Our site aims to help people with a simple question with complex answers, “Where should I park my car at the airport?” We list detailed information on over 400 lots in North America including prices, maps and customer reviews. In addition, visitors can book a reservation at many of these lots, generally at discounted rates. We began accepting reservations in June 2008. Since then have been named one of Travel + Leisure's top sites of 2008 and have been featured on CNN.com, ABCNews.com, the LA Times, Wall Street Journal and Daily Candy.

To this point, all customer service has been performed by the owners. As the company grows, this is becoming overwhelming. We are seeking someone not only to provide excellent service to our customers, but also to help us build the processes and training to support a growing organization.

The company is located in Menlo Park, CA in Silicon Valley. Employees will be able to work from home nearly anywhere in the United States, but we do prefer applicants in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Job:
Your primary responsibility is to answer calls coming into our 800 number. Customers frequently have questions they would like answered before they book. Some customers simply prefer to speak to a person when making a reservation. Some callers are just lost and simply need to be redirected to the right place. Because of our small size, this is not a full-time job (at least not yet). We simply don’t receive enough calls to keep someone busy throughout the entire day. Given that, we expect to pay someone based on the time they spend on the phone: a higher rate for calls answered as they come in and a slightly lower rate for returned calls. In return, we understand that you may need additional flexibility in your schedule and hours and we do not expect you to be available to answer calls the entire day.


* Have excellent communication and listening skills
* Tend to accommodate rather than dominate
* Have a high amount of patience
* Possess a strong attention to detail
* Have a great telephone manner
* Would be able to guide Customers who call you through our website
* Are extremely reliable and consistent
* Are able to summarize and communicate customer issues and problems to the development team to get them fixed preemptively
* Are a quick learner and happily document your learnings

To apply, please send a resume and description of yourself and why you are interested to erik [at] aboutairportparking.com

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