Wednesday, June 24, 2009

At Home Customer Service

Remote (At-home) Customer Service Position

Design Public loves service! Yes, we have a passion for design, but above all, we have a passion for making our customers happy. We love exceeding expectations, wowing people with service, and generally making everyone who interacts with us feel warm and fuzzy. We are looking for someone who shares this passion and wants to come help us service our customers better. Design Public Founded in 2003, we are the #1 awesome-est source for fresh new design. Of all time. (Source: me)

We are a small close-knit team. We like to have fun. We strive to push the envelope on everything we do; if it "can't be done", then we want to do it. We love our customers and designers, and we do what we can so that they love us back. We are always open to new ideas and give our team lots of leeway to innovate in order to make our company better.

Working from home: A while back, we decided to break the bonds of geography. Why limit ourselves to working with people who can drag themselves into an office every day? Working from home is great. There is no more commute, which means a lot of saved time, money, and frustration. It's better for the environment. You can wear what you want. And, if you work at home, you don't see Joe From Accounting's 3 month old lasagna sitting in your fridge next to your lunch. (All of the 3 month old food in the fridge is now yours!)

Plus if you have a family, you have a much greater ability to balance work and home obligations. We think that this is an amazing opportunity to have a great lifestyle, be your own boss, and still work with a vibrant, growing company.

Our customer service representative will:

* Be the primary liaison for our customers, interacting with them by phone, email, and online chat. Answer any questions that customers have about products or orders. Offer product recommendations. Process orders for customers. Work through any post-sale issues. All-in-all ensure that every customer feels valued and that they have gotten their questions answered or issues resolved. Whatever it takes to make the customer happy!

* Help us meet sales goals by providing customers with an informative and fun shopping experience.

* Be our brand steward. Represent us and our designers to the world.

* Improve the overall customer experience. There is always something we can do to make the customer experience better, and we want you to help us come up with ways to do that and execute on those ideas.

* Work on other projects from time to time, such as blogging about new products and designers and helping to improve our internal processes. Our ideal candidate:

* Has a great attitude and truly loves helping people. Wants to make each customer feel valued and special.

* Has a sense of urgency: is on time, gets things done quickly, and responds to people as quickly and as diligently as possible.

* Is uber-organized and can juggle a lot of open issues at once.

* Is extroverted and loves to communicate with others. Constantly. You will be on the phone, writing emails, or chatting most of the day. If you thrive on that kind of activity, this job is for you.

* Has excellent written and verbal communication skills. We are casual but professional. No need to be stiff and formal, but misspellings and grammatical errors are big no-nos. (Yes, I know that the previous sentence isn't very "Strunk and White", but hopefully you know what I mean.) Also, you will need to demonstrate an AMAZING telephone manner.

* Feels strongly about keeping promises and meeting obligations. Loves to surprise people by exceeding expectations

* Is resourceful in solving problems and empathetic to customer needs. Ability to quickly identify the issue, establish trust, and solve a customer's problem.

* Is graceful under pressure. If something goes wrong with an order, customers can, understandably, get a little angry. You should relish this as an opportunity to make a new best friend.

* Is a self-starter who can work independently.

* Has excellent computer skills. Is completely at ease with browser-based applications, online shopping, and chat applications.

* Has 103 years of prior experience. Kidding. Prior customer service or sales experience is a plus, but more importantly we want to see a demonstrated history of passion for service.

Because this is a remote position, you must:

* Provide a professional and comfortable work environment, completely free of background noise and distractions.

* Have a fast computer (minimum 1 gHz processor and 512 MB RAM) with a sound card and speakers / headphones to listen to audio files. Your computer must also have current anti-virus software with updated definitions and current anti-spyware software.

* Have a reliable and fast broadband internet connection. Your internet connection must be a hard wired service such as DSL/Cable/Fiber; wireless service or satellite broadband services are unfortunately not acceptable.

* Provide a high quality corded USB headset with a noise canceling microphone.

* Be technically savvy enough to troubleshoot your own tech issues.

The starting rate for this position ranges between $12-$14 per hour, depending on experience. We will review the rate after 3 months. We will consider both full-time and part-time applicants.

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