Sunday, February 7, 2010

Freelance Writing

Lately I have been doing a lot of freelance writing. These sites are where I spend most of my time:
Once you are accepted here, you can choose articles from a huge list of titles. A copy editor reviews each submission. You can choose from flat rate payments or revenue share. Pay is twice per week by paypal.
When you start here, you take whatever you get from the queue. After you reach a certain amount earned, you can pick and choose from available work. Work includes 100 word paragraphs, mini articles and 400 word articles. Pay is monthly by paypal.
Easy to use site where you have the ability to make friends. Write about anything you want, all work is revenue share. Pay is monthly by paypal with a minimum payout.
Write about anything you want, adhering to their editorial guidelines. After your first article, your work goes live and an editor can "flag" problems with the article. Pay is monthly once you reach the minimum amount, via paypal.

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